All offices are different and Calabash listen to each individual to grasp what is most important. We often hear from people who are unhappy with other office cleaning companies. Typical complaints include:

“The quality of the cleaning service is inconsistent”
“We need to chase the cleaners to get the job done well”
“We write messages but the cleaners don’t understand. It feels like we have to supervise”
“There’s no-one to talk to when we have a problem”

With more supervision than other office cleaning companies our cleaners are visited regularly, educated and cajoled to ensure they fully understand the cleaning requirements and high standards of each individual office.

Calabash customise the cleaning service to suit your requirements. Because of the supervision our teams of motivated cleaners deliver excellent results, every time. Should you ever need to speak to anyone about the work, you will be able to contact a manager – immediately. There should be no need to leave a note.

We pride ourselves on speed of response. If you have any issues or need advice, we come out at very short notice to help.
Our goal is make you proud of your office (both for your clients and your staff).

How can we help you?

What’s the first step to using Calabash? Contact us. Each space is unique so we would like to visit your premises in order to fully understand your requirements. Once we have completed this initial inspection, we will recommend the best solution at the most cost effective price.


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