Environmental objectives

At Calabash we always act responsibly towards our Customers, Staff, Suppliers and the Communities in which they trade. Our environmental policy reflects an increasing awareness of the effects that commerce can have on the environment.

Environmental statement

Calabash adheres to or exceeds current legislative requirements. At the same time, we endeavour to anticipate new regulations and set our own where none exist.

We endeavour to control our level of harmful emissions. We have replaced many of our vehicles with hybrid or very low-emission vehicles and will exchange the remainder upon renewal of the leases.

We purchase only from suppliers who share our concerns over the environment and whose own operations reflect this.

Whenever possible, we use products from sustainable resources. We minimise waste from our operations and wherever possible we re-use or recycle. We are working closely with waste companies to provide our office cleaning clients with a recycling service for their waste. We are also launching a light bulb (fluorescent tube) recycling service.

We promote the use of energy-efficient systems and reflect this in our choice of factory and office accommodation.

We promote and teach environmental awareness to our employees.

In addition, we are working with two leading suppliers to develop and move towards environmentally friendly (i.e. Ecover) commercial cleaning chemicals. We already use these in a number of places and expect to move to them exclusively as soon as it is practical to do so.