We devise an individual plan for the cleaning of your office. Here is a sample from one of our check-lists to show what our team of office cleaners can do for you:

Daily office cleaning

  • Empty waste bins, including shredding machines, replace and remove bags to disposal point
  • Damp wipe outsides of bins as required
  • Damp wipe, dust and polish cleared desks, lamps, under filing trays and sundry desk items wherever possible
  • Damp wipe and sanitise telephones in rotation
  • Damp wipe coffee spillage from walls where necessary
  • Dust and polish wooden furniture, window ledges, fire extinguishers and radiators to normal hand height as accessible including pictures
  • Spot clean finger-marks from glass partitions and doorways
  • Vacuum all carpet areas including under desks and chairs
  • Vacuum soft furnishings as necessary

Daily toilet cleaning

  • Sweep, mop or vacuum floors and empty waste bins
  • Disinfect toilet bowls
  • Clean and polish hand basins including tap fittings
  • Clean and polish both sides of toilet seats and lids
  • Clean all mirrors
  • Damp wipe exteriors of pedestals as necessary
  • Damp wipe splash-backs and tiled walls beneath hand towels
  • Damp wipe pipe-work, cisterns and tops of towel cabinets as required
  • Replenish toilet rolls and soap (re-chargeables) from stock
  • Dust wooden window blinds in rotation

Daily kitchen cleaning

  • Collect crockery to kitchen
  • Put crockery into dishwasher and start
  • Damp wipe outsides of cupboards as necessary
  • Clean insides of refrigerator once weekly
  • Clean and polish sink unit and wipe tops of surfaces, ledges and pipework
  • Empty and damp wipe outsides of bins
  • Sweep and mop floors

Daily stairs and corridors cleaning

  • Vacuum carpeted areas
  • Dust and polish banisters, railings and skirtings
  • Dust and polish fire extinguishers and ledges


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